Prompted by his studies and musical experiences in Brazil, the clarinetist, arranger, and director Emiliano Alvarez took the initiative to form a Brazilian popular music orchestra in Buenos Aires inspired on the “Orquestas a base de Sopros,” traditional groups focused on the rhythms of samba, choro, frevo,  and  baião of the Brazilian repertoire both past and present.

These orchestras, influenced by the old formations of American jazz, are structured as “Big Bands.” A band comprised by a base of rhythm and harmonies (“the kitchen,” according to  Brazilians), with guitar, bass, drums and percussion, and with the addition of flutes, clarinets, saxophones, trumpets, and trombones, as well as the participation of singers.

“A Saidera” is the first such orchestra in Argentina. It consists of 16 permanent musicians and guest artists.

In  2012, the orchestra records its first album “Sotaque,” with the participation of important musicians of the local Argentinean scene – Guido Martinez in bass, Diego Alejandro in percussion, Victor Skorupsky in saxophone, Daniel Kovacich in clarinet – reflecting some of their own arrangements as well as arrangements from great Brazilian artists such as Jovino Santos Neto and Lea Freire, of classic and contemporary songs of the MPB as well as original music by Sebastian Perez and Emiliano Alvarez.

“Sotaque” was very well received by critics and was selected to be included in the Club del Disco Catalogue. In addition to that, and also in 2012, A Saidera begins a project together with the Brazilian singer Pedro Miranda – an important member of the current “carioca” scene – performing in two concerts at the Boris Club and the Siranush stage in Buenos Aires.

The orchestra has appeared on prominent stages in Buenos Aires, such as the Jazz Festival of Buenos Aires in 2013, on the terrace of the Centro Cultural Recoleta, the Auditorium of the Brazil Embassy, Cafe Vinilo, BORIS Club, Siranush, Notorious, Domus Artis, No Avestruz, 2012 Book Fair (on Brazil’s Day), Festival “Mendoza en Bossa,” 2011 and 2013, in Godoy Cruz (Mendoza), and in three iterations of the festival “Bossa Nova in Argentina” (2009, 2010, 2011), at the Teatro Alvear in Buenos Aires and Centro Cultural del Sur as well as the Festival ECUNHI 2009. It participated in the show “Vivo en Argentina,” on TV station 7, and live in Julio Lagos show on El Mundo radio station, and “Sonidos Clandestinos,” in La Tribu radio station.

In 2015, the orchestra decides to broaden its repertoire, and  the Big Band begins to include rhythms of other Latin-american countries, such as zamba, joropo, cumbian, festejo, and candombe and little by little the second album begins to take shape, and  will be produced in 2017, under the musical direction of Javier Mareco.

In 2017,  A Saidera is declared Cultural Interest by the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, and receives benefits under the Law of Patronage.